Subject of the contract: Electric heater for the extension of a combined heat and power plant
Scope of supply: Delivery and installation of 2 pcs. Electric heater with 10MW each incl. control.
Delivery and assembly of 2 pcs. Buffer tank capacity 70m³, pressure stage PN40. Complete wiring incl. transformer supply, NSV and SPS switch cabinets for the electric heater system.
Welded heating water piping DN15-DN200 in pressure stage PN16-PN40 incl. all manual and control valves.
Commissioning of the entire plant with water treatment, safety engineering together with TÜV.

Subject of the order: Refrigeration plant
Scope of the order: Delivery and assembly of 3 pcs. NH3 chillers with a total capacity of 7MW.
Delivery and installation of 6 open stainless-steel cooling towers with a total capacity of 10MW.
Delivery and assembly of approx. 25 tons of fixing material / secondary steel construction in galvanized execution.
Supply and installation of cold water piping with Victaulic pipe connection system for the nominal diameter range DN65-DN350. (DN15-50 welded)
Delivery and installation of the cooling water piping made of stainless steel V4A, DN15-DN400, welded.
Commissioning of the complete plant with water treatment, gas warning technology together with TÜV.


Subject of the contract: Construction of an air separation plant for an end customer in the steel industry
Technical data: Production of 33500 Nm³ oxygen, 75000 Nm³ nitrogen, 900 Nm³ argon, 35 Nm³ noble gases.
Scope of contract: Prefabrication, supply and installation of steel construction and pipeline construction, material V4A and carbon steel up to nominal diameter DN450.
Installation of the supplied main equipment (heavy lifts).
Integration into existing plant, painting, insulation, commissioning support.


Subject of the contract: Installation of a production plant for pharmaceutical precursors
Scope of the order: Installation of the main equipment provided by the customer (pumps, heat exchangers, tanks, reactors,..)
Stainless steel pipeline construction partly according to GMP guidelines up to nominal diameter DN200 with required secondary steel construction.
Support during commissioning of the plant.

Subject of the contract: Assembly services for the building material and cement industry
Scope of the contract: Revision and shutdown work, maintenance and repair work, project-related plant assembly and disassembly work


Subject of the contract: Extension and conversion of existing assembly lines for an automobile production facility
Scope of the order:
Construction of new assembly areas and associated steel structures
Supply of the assembly areas with compressed air, electricity and EDP (electric data processing).
Implementation of plant relocations within the hall to adapt to the new production layout.
Planning, delivery, assembly and commissioning of machines based on process descriptions or functional specifications in compliance with the current state of the art and applicable guidelines.
Extension of existing crane systems as well as delivery and assembly of new crane systems with the required steel structures.
Planning and delivery of load handling equipment for new components as well as planning and delivery of new work equipment such as pre-assembly tables, assembly trucks etc.


Subject of the order: Assembly of a walking beam furnace for heat treatment of steel
Scope of the order: Partial manufacture and delivery or mechanical complete assembly of the heat treatment furnace with flue gas system and media supply.
Furnace dimensions LxWxH = 40x12x12 m
Total assembly weight: 1,500 tons
Furnace construction, portals and doors, fixed and traversing frames Water cups and cooling systems
Stages, catwalks, stairs and railings
Furnace mechanics, door pulling devices, input and output machine incl. roller tables, exhaust gas ducts partly made of heat-resistant steel
Fireplace incl. stages and ascent ladders
Pipe system, combustion air, various gas, cooling water and air lines


Subject of the order: Reject Handling Plant
Scope of work: Dismantling of old equipment and existing pipelines.
Modification work on existing equipment and pipelines.
New installation of supplied equipment (presses, sieves, scrubbers, pumps,…)
Delivery and installation of tanks, chutes and prefabricated piping pools.
Delivery and installation of pipelines (stainless steel up to DN450) and fittings with support construction and secondary steel construction.
Plant identification, insulation and commissioning assistance.


Subject of the contract: Raw material plant
Scope of supply: Production, supply and installation of pipelines (stainless steel up to nominal diameter DN800) as well as installation of fittings and equipment for a raw material plant in the areas of corn swelling, short-term swelling, starch plant, heat recovery, precoat filter, feed dryer and cooling tower.


Subject of the contract: Installation of process equipment and utilities
Scope of the contract: Installation of production machines with hook-up.
Hook-Up installations for all consumables such as basic and special gases, chemical supply, vacuum, ultrapure water, compressed air,…
Installation of gas stations, compressed air stations, tank farm, ultrapure water stations, …


Subject of the contract: New construction of a biopharmaceutical cell culture production plant
Scope of the contract: Complete process media supply for the Up- Stream area.
Largest possible prefabrication of piping systems in modular design.
40,000m of piping, 10,000 fittings and equipment, support construction and secondary steel construction.
Installation and quality documentation according to valid GMP guidelines.


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