A key service area of the SMB Group is the installation of power generation systems and power distribution. These are mainly industrial refrigeration systems and combined heat and power plants.

The outputs of these power generation systems are generally in the megawatt range and are therefore intended for large industrial applications.

The SMB Group can design, deliver and assemble both refrigeration systems and central heating systems or combined heat and power plants.

The trend towards CO2 neutrality means that the SMB Group is increasingly involved in the production of alternative energy sources and is investing in new technologies such as hydrogen technology or solar thermal energy.

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Energy companies

Subject of the order: electric heater for the expansion of a combined heat and power plant
Scope of delivery: Delivery and installation of 2 pcs. E-heaters with 10MW each incl. control
Delivery and installation of 2 buffer tanks with a capacity of 70 m³, pressure level PN40
Complete wiring including transformer delivery, NSV and PLC control cabinets for the electric heater system
Welded heating water piping DN15-DN200 in PN16-PN40 pressure level including all manual and control fittings
Commissioning of the entire system with water treatment, safety technology together with TÜV

Elektroheizer zur Erweiterung eines Heizkraftwerks Lieferumfang: Lieferung und Montage von 2 Stk. E-Heizer mit je 10MW inkl. Regelung.
Lieferung und Montage von 3 Stk. NH3-Kältemaschinen mit einer Gesamtleistung von 7MW

Subject of the order: Refrigeration facility
Scope of order: Delivery and installation of 3 NH3 chillers with a total output of 7MW
Delivery and installation of 6 pcs. open stainless steel cooling towers with a total capacity of 10MW
Delivery and assembly of approx. 25 tons of fastening material/secondary steel construction in galvanised design
Delivery and installation of the cold water piping with Victaulic pipe connection system for the nominal size range from DN65 – DN350 (DN15 – DN50, welded)
Delivery and installation of the cooling water piping made of stainless steel V4A, DN15 – DN400, welded
Commissioning of the entire plant with water treatment, gas warning technology together with TÜV