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For production companies in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry and for the semiconductor industry, planning, delivery and assembly are carried out with the highest cleanliness requirements.

The SMB value chain begins with the basic design, which is also implemented with our project partners and together with our end customers. Other project phases such as detail design, construction and commissioning are all part of the service portfolio of the SMB Group.

Such projects require special knowledge in the design and installation of apparatus, fittings and piping. The associated GMP-compliant documentation and qualification of the production facilities are an essential part of the development of such projects.

In order to meet the high demands on the production of assemblies and skids for pharmaceutical applications, the SMB Group has its own clean room production facility in Budapest/Hungary.

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Semiconductor industry

Subject of the order: Installation of process equipment and utilities
Scope of order: Installation of production machines with hook up
Hook-up installations for all consumables such as basic and special gases, chemical supply, vacuum, ultrapure water, compressed air, …
Installation of gas facilities, compressed air facilities, tank farms, ultrapure water facilities, …

Installation von Prozessequipment und Utilities

Pharmaceutical industry

Subject of the order: New construction of a biopharmaceutical cell culture production facility
Scope of order: entire process media supply for the upstream area
Largest possible prefabrication of the piping systems in modular design
40,000 m of pipelines, 10,000 fittings and pieces of equipment, support construction and secondary steel construction
Installation and quality documentation according to valid GMP guidelines

Neubau einer biopharmazeutischen Zellkulturproduktionsanlage