Industrial plants

SMB Group provides pipeline construction, production and assembly of steel construction, machine assembly and relocation services throughout Europe. The focus is primarily on manufacturing industrial companies such as the paper, steel, building materials, chemical or food industries.

SMB installs complete production plants or power generation plants with the main equipment such as equipment, containers, pumps, heat exchangers, boilers, etc..

Relocations of production facilities are also part of the service portfolio of the SMB Group. In the process, sections or even complete production lines are dismantled in a documented manner and put back into operation at the new location.

In pipeline construction, both process media and utilities are installed for HVAC. Carbon steel, stainless steel, plastics and special materials of all pressure levels are processed and installed.

Steel structures, tanks, skids and pipeline spools are prefabricated in our production facilities in Austria, Hungary and Slovakia. These are built in the largest possible parts and delivered directly to our clients or end customers.

In addition to production and assembly, planning services, EI&C and automation are also offered in the SMB Group’s value chain. In order to minimise interfaces for the customer, a wide variety of specialist areas can be accessed within the SMB Group and offers can be provided as a general contractor.

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Oil and gas industry

Subject of the order: Construction of an air separation plant for an end customer in the steel industry
Technical specifications: Production of 33500 Nm³ oxygen, 75000 Nm³ nitrogen, 900 Nm³ argon, 35 Nm³ noble gases
Scope of order: Prefabrication, delivery and assembly of steel construction and pipeline construction, stainless steel and carbon steel up to a nominal size of DN1200
Installation of provided main equipment (heavylifts)
Integration into the existing system, painting, insulation, commissioning support

Errichtung einer Luftzerlegungsanlage für einen Endkunden der Stahlindustrie

Chemical and building materials industry

Subject of the order: Installation of a production plant for pharmaceutical precursors
Scope of order: Installation of the main equipment provided by the client (pumps, heat exchangers, tanks, reactors, …)
Stainless steel pipeline construction partly according to GMP guidelines up to a nominal diameter of DN200 with the necessary secondary steel construction
Support in commissioning the system

Installation einer Produktionsanlage für pharmazeutische Vorprodukte

Subject of the order: Assembly services for the building materials and cement industry
Scope of order: Revision and shut-down work, maintenance and repair work, project-related system assembly and disassembly

Montagedienstleistungen für die Baustoff und Zementindustrie

Steel and metallurgical industry

Subject of the order: Erection of a walking-beam furnace for the heat treatment of steel
Scope of order: Partial production and delivery or overall mechanical assembly of the heat treatment furnace with exhaust gas system and media supply
Oven dimensions: LxWxH = 40x12x12 m
Total assembly weight: 1,500 tons
Furnace construction, portals and doors, fixed frames and moving frames
Water seals and cooling systems
Platforms, gangways, stairs and railings
Furnace mechanics, door pulling devices, input and output machines including roller conveyors
Flue gas ducts partly made of heat-resistant steel
Chimney including platforms and ladders
Pipe system, combustion air, various gas, cooling water and air lines

Montage eines Hubbalkenofens zur Wärmebehandlung von Stahl

Paper and pulp industry

Subject of the order: Reject handling facility
Scope of order: Dismantling of old equipment and existing pipelines
Modification work on existing equipment and pipelines.
New installation of provided equipment (presses, screens, washers, pumps, …)
Delivery and assembly of tanks, chutes and prefabricated pipeline spools
Delivery and installation of pipelines (stainless steel up to DN450) and fittings with bracket construction and secondary steel construction
Plant identification, isolation and commissioning assistance

Reject Handling Anlage

Food and beverage industry

Subject of the order: Raw material plant
Scope of order: Manufacture, delivery and assembly of pipelines (stainless steel up to a nominal diameter of DN800) and assembly of fittings and equipment for a raw material plant in the areas of maize swelling, short-term swelling, starch plant, heat recovery, pre-coat filter,
feed dryer and cooling tower